According to Webster, appreciation means a favorable judgment or evaluation. It can also mean a sensitive awareness recognizing value or an expression of admiration, approval or gratitude. In financial terms it means an increase in value. says appreciation was referenced in 1790 as a “sense of ‘rise in value'”. It’s the convergence of sense or “sensitive awareness” with a “financial” increase in value that may explain why everything some people do appears to bring them value, or money. A breakdown of the linguistics of the sounds of the word may clarify its meaning:

apre = before
ci = see
a tion = a state of being

New Definition = Appreciation is a state of being (we) see before.

This may explain why positive thinkers tell you that you attract what you want by holding the feeling in your heart that you already have that which you seek. They have an attitude of gratitude. Every time they see a penny on the sidewalk, they don’t dismiss it as just a penny. They pick it up and hold it in their palm with appreciation.