Last year my reverend gave a series of talks on a book he read entitled Twelve Powers in You. The book describes  physical, spiritual, and emotional aspects of the 12 powers inherent in each of us. Fascinated by these talks, I’ve decided to expand on them through the money perspective that I often see things, being a financial planner.

According to Google, release is to allow or enable to escape from confinement; set free.

Spiritually, release is letting go of old thinking and changing your mind toward truth.

Emotionally (soul), release is about not holding onto guilt and regrets from the past. It’s about acknowledging them as a stepping stone that lifts us up to the next stage in our life.

Physically, release is represented by your colon or large intestines and the urinary system… for obvious reasons.

What does release have to do with money?

Most of us would agree that it’s easy to release our money, i.e. spend it. But that’s not how I interpret the power of release and money. The power of release involves freeing up and letting money flow. This has to do with changing how we think, feel, and act with money.

For example, I grew up in a household that had the saying “you’re always going to have debt”. That saying impacted some of my family members in that they are always buying things on credit. Then they’re stuck with payments and little cash flow. I even started down that path when I graduated college because, let’s face it, I had little cash flow. But what little cash flow I did have, was squelched by payments on credit cards.

Debt impedes the flow of money. It blocks it. That’s why one of the key ideas that I try to get people to follow is to live debt/stress free. Two years after graduating college, I learned from The Millionaire Mind, another way of thinking: millionaires don’t have debt! So I changed how I thought about debt, and my wife and I have been debt free, save our mortgage, ever since.

If you truly want to get your cash flowing freely, without impedance, you may need to change the way you think about money. Figure out what old money mantras you’ve been holding on to, and let them go. Then find new mantras that ring true for you, like maybe, I live debt free, and go with the flow.

Rich Feight, CFP
Rich Feight, CFP

Hi, I'm Rich Feight I'm a fee-only Certified Financial Planner, successful business owner, and self-made millionaire that knows how to beat the system and become wealthy. I have a lot of clients that have done it too. I'm also pretty good at finding that ever-elusive work/life balance so many of us strive for. Lucky for you I have an abundant mindset and give all my knowledge away on my blog. So if you want to know what it takes to become a millionaire, follow me.

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