It’s that of year time again. Whether we vow to eat less, exercise more, or live in the moment – it all comes down to the same thing: we all want to be happier, get healthier and do better in the new year.

For those who are considering resolutions that can impact your wallet, you might want to look to successful people for inspiration. What can we learn from them? It turns out that daily routines matter. Studies show that great achievers tend to have some core characteristics in common; a set of easy-to-replicate everyday habits that are surely worth picking up.

Try incorporating these daily rituals into your own resolutions this year:

1.) Get an early start.

The early bird does more than just catch the worm. In a recent study, almost 50% of 177 self-made millionaires woke up at least three hours before the start of their work day.1 Getting an early start puts you in a better position to accomplish your daily goals with confidence, despite any disruptions that may come your way.

2.) Make your bed.

Folks who keep tidier homes make more money, and those who make their bed each morning are “up to 207% more likely to be millionaires.”2 This particular morning routine is associated with better budgeting skills, greater productivity, and a stronger sense of well-being. Your mom was right. A tidy room CAN improve your life!

3.) Plan it, write it, do it.

People who use both a calendar and a to-do list are “289% more likely to be millionaires than those without a set schedule.”3

4.) Make time for mentors.

This habit may have the biggest impact on your future success. Career mentors help you avoid mistakes, connect to resources, stay motivated, and persevere. In fact, 93% of wealthy individuals have used mentors along the way.4

 5.) Read.

Now’s the time to join that book club you’ve been thinking about. It’s no surprise that reading is strongly correlated with higher education and higher income, but did you know that reading seven or more books a year can make you 122% more likely to be wealthy?5

6.) Get to the gym.

Did you really think you could avoid this one? Not a chance! A recurring member on New Year’s resolution lists, we all know that exercise is good for our health. But here’s another reason to add this one to your list this year: studies show that people who exercise – even for just 15 minutes each day – statistically outperform others in all measures of success.6

7.) Dine together.

Successful people make time for loved ones. Those who nurture relationships are far more likely to be happy and to make more money. Something as simple as routine family dinners can translate into success.7

The Takeaway.

The new year is a great opportunity for growth and change. So go ahead and ditch the lofty, hard-to-reach resolutions this year. Look to successful people for inspiration and try adding a few of their daily habits to your routine. You may find that investing in a few simple changes will have compounding returns.

Rich Feight, CFP
Rich Feight, CFP

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