What if tax day came and you were excited? What if you couldn’t wait to pay your taxes? That seems very far out. But I wonder what it would be like to appreciate paying taxes.

Money Culture

April’s sort of a blah month here in the midwest. It’s tax season. It rains a lot. One minute you’re enjoying it outside, the next, it’s snowing again. But that tax part really irks me. Taxes make me grumpy. At least, that is the feeling I had growing up. There was always a feeling of lack or scarcity surrounding taxes. Maybe I’m projecting, but I believe that that’s part of our “money culture”. It doesn’t have to be. 

Client Story

The other day I met with a client to do her taxes and she told me something almost as preposterous as appreciating paying taxes. She said that during her visit to Costa Rica, she learned that they abolished their army. Yep. Gone. Just said no. In fact, they put that money toward education. Can you imagine how smart everybody here would be if we put ALL our military money toward education?

Don’t worry. I can hear your comments. What about terrorists? What about the enemy? We would all be dead or prisoners. I get that. But I’m just imagining here. So don’t be a buzz kill.

Anyway. I listened to this Tedx Talk by Lynn Twist that I thought might change some perspectives around money and lack and scarcity.

Change Your Culture Around Money!~

It really is interesting where you can find your greatest lessons around money.


Money or currency is like water. It flows. When we water the things we appreciate the most, life flourishes and grows. Take care to water the areas of your life that you appreciate.

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Rich Feight, CFP
Rich Feight, CFP

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