F.U.N.D. e-Course

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F.U.N.D. e-Course

a D.I.Y. Strategic Financial Plan e-course to get you funding your goals so that you can enjoy life now - and then.

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F - Focus on Vision!

Use these techniques to get clear with your goals so that you're more excited about them, than you are spending your money on the next shiny object. 

F1 - The Five Fs

Identify the five most important goals in your life using the five Fs technique

F2 - The 5 Neurological Levels

Figure out if you have self limiting beliefs preventing you from saving and achieving your goals. 

F3 - The Life Planning Questions

3 questions to challenge how your living life now and spending money.

F4 - S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Make your goals are S.M.A.R.T. by making sure they are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time sensitive.

F5 - W.O.O.P.

Use this scientifically proven strategy to overcome your obstacles and achieve your goals. For more info, check out https://woopmylife.org

F6 - Vision Boards

Remind yourself daily of your goals with a physical and/or digital vision boards.

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U - Uncover the Pay Yourself First Method

Start saving and investing now in the right places and in a way you're comfortable. 

U1 - How Much to Invest

This video explores how much you should be saving at various ages.

U2 - Where to Save

Learn were to save so you get the most out of your investments.

U3 - How to Invest

Pick investments that you are comfortable with and can hold for the long haul. For more info see How to Pick Investments in your 401k

U4 - Overcoming Present Bias (BEYOND Numbers)

How to choose to invest when you want to spend. For more information check out Overcome Present Bias and Think Like a Millionaire

BONUS - Professional Grade Software

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N - Never Worry About Debt Again!

Know where you are with your cash flow so that you can figure how to get where you want to be!

N1 - How Much Money Do You Have?

Figure out how much income do you have to spend or save towards your goals?

N2 - What Do You Spend?

Determine how much you spend on expenses and savings. 

N3 - Know What's Left

Figure out if you're over or underspending.

N4 - Never Worry About Debt Again!

Figure out how much income you have to spend or save towards your goals?

BONUS - Cash Management Spreadsheet

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D - Develop Wealth through the Secrets of High Net        Worth Individuals

These are the "in plain site" secrets of building wealth. 

D1 - Mortgages Habits of Millionaires

Pay down your mortgage fast with millionaire habits.

D2 - Car Habits of Millionaires

Using car payment money to fund goals instead of a depreciating asset.

D3 - Focus on Net Worth

By paying down debt you increase your net worth faster. 

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