We love those moments in life when we are in the “zone” of creation. We may feel on-fire with the book we are writing, the presentation we are creating, the dish we are preparing, the golf club we are swinging, or the muscles we are sculpting. And, we know how powerful and amazing it feels to be in this creative mindset. We are aligned with our true self, completely present in the moment, doing what we love.

Then there are other moments when thoughts will not flow onto paper, the computer screen appears clouded by all of our unorganized thoughts, the recipe is a disaster, the golf ball goes everywhere except the fairway, and we have to drag ourselves to the gym. In those moments, we feel disconnected with our true self, and we are operating from a state of lack – a lack of clarity and a lack of creativity. In essence, we are internally competing for the “zone” of creation, and it feels like our creativity is losing. We try, with no avail, to force ourselves into the creative mind.

We have thousands of years of conditioning in us, making us believe we are either winning or losing with any endeavor. Competition, we believe, is natural. So, when we feel the competition within – the battle of focus and creativity versus confusion and scarcity, we can easily believe the limiting belief telling us we are losing.   When we operate from such a limiting belief, or a competitive state of mind, we then project this perception to the world around us.

As a business owner, we start to fall into the trap of scarcity and believe that there are a limited amount of clients, customers, and profits. We then look to those offering similar products and services and start to compare our businesses, and ourselves, focusing on our shortcomings. As we size up our competition, we immediately reinforce a belief system within ourselves, that there is not enough, or we are not enough, or there is a lack of what we can create for our business. And, of course, that feels disempowering!

Here’s the blessing, or gift, about feeling like this – the feeling is a guide, or indicator, that we need to realign with who we truly are. The disempowering feeling reveals we are operating from a belief system, at that moment, that is in a state of competition and lack. Therefore, the feeling and thoughts indicate that we need to reroute our thinking and perception, and return to focusing on our inspired creations, through our creative mind, so that we can allow our inspired insight to guide us again toward the abundance of creative ideas, clients, and customers we desire

Wallace D. Wattles, from the timeless classic, The Science of Getting Rich, expressed, “Man can form things in his thought, and by impressing his thought upon formless substance can cause the thing he thinks about to be created. In order to do this, man must pass from the competitive to the creative mind; otherwise he cannot be in harmony with the Formless Intelligence, which is always creative and never competitive in spirit.”

Being in harmony with our creative mind means we must become aware of when we are in the spirit of competition, and then shift our attention and refocus on feeling harmony with our true, creative self. So, if we desire to lessen our competitive mind and focus on creating abundance in our life, and in our business, here are four things to consider:

  1. Realize that there is no competition to eliminate outside of us. When we start to care more about our alignment with our true self, which means alignment with our creative mind, we will spend less time thinking about competing with others. Our outward reality is always a reflection of our inner beliefs. So, if we can take the time to explore and eliminate the competitive beliefs within our own mind, we will spend less time thinking about the competition around us.
  1. Understand there is a limitless supply of resources.  Abundance is all around us and in us – from the blades of grass in nature to the cells in our body. When we acknowledge the abundance of resources, clients, customers, ideas, and avenues for riches, we do not have to think about our business in terms of getting as much of the pie as possible, in worry that if we don’t get it, someone else will. In fact, in that state of scarcity or lack, we are resisting the flow of abundance into our business. Therefore, appreciating all the abundance in our lives, helps us be in harmony with the Formless Intelligence Wattles describes.
  1. Notice when we compare ourselves to others. Comparison to other people and similar business models is a trick our limiting beliefs use to distract us, and it slows down our own abundance. When we give our attention to our competition, we compare ourselves to them, and that means we are not giving our attention, nor our best, to our own clients, customers, products, or services. We have a unique gift to give to others through our business, so focusing our attention on our own creative endeavors allows our gifts and talents to shine.
  1. Ask for guidance, from the Formless Intelligence. Wattles expresses that we must be in harmony with the Formless Intelligence in order to create and develop our unique gifts and talents in service of others. When we are feeling in discord, or competition, with our creative mind, asking for guidance from this Source of all ideas, will always produce an answer. And, when we receive the inspired idea and insight, we will naturally align with our “zone” of creation and start building the vision we received. With this renewed clarity and focus, there will be no time, energy, or desire to think about the competition within us, or outside of us.

When we are operating as a creator, in our creative mind, we are open to the flow of inspired insight, ideas, and direction. We easily feel our intuitive nature and follow the opportunities readily available for our highest good, and the highest good of others. It is then, that we are increasing the possibility that we will build the foundation and wealth, in our business, to create additional opportunity for others, which is true abundance. As Wattles also states in The Science of Getting Rich, “Every man who becomes rich by competition throws down behind him the ladder by which he rises, and keeps others down; but every man who gets rich by creation opens a way for thousands to follow him, and inspires them to do so.” When we focus on giving the highest quality of service or product to our customers and clients, we are able to create more than just the service or the product. We are able to create a legacy that will span generations, creating abundance for others and ourselves.

Guest Post Created by Heather Simon

Heather Simon is a leading edge Transformational Coach helping business owners and executives create a life they love with clarity, enthusiasm, and renewed confidence. She empowers them to think bravely and take inspired action toward creating the results they desire. You can contact Heather at heather@heathersimon.com or through her website at heathersimon.com.